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产品名称: PLC
产品分类: Flow computers
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Guoguang station control system, normally the lower/upper computer infrastructure, consists of Siemens PLC (for device control) and RTUs (for flow metering). It is designed to meet complicated environment. The hardware redundant configuration of PLC has greatly improves the reliability and safety of the system. The important I/O points have redundant as well.

Function & Tech Spec:
PLC has 14 DIs, 10 DOs, and 2 AIs (voltage input)

Can extend to 8 (DI, DO, AI, AO) modules

Can extend to 3 communication modules (RS232, RS485, RJ45)

DI/DO modules (8 in, 8 out, 16 in, 16 out)

AI modules (4 channels, 8 channels), AO module (2 channels, 4 channels)

PID loop (16 PIDs) with self-tuning

Easy-to-use interface


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