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产品名称: LWJD-III Natural Gas Metrological Supervision System
产品分类: Flow computers
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GB/T 21446-2008 compliant, WJD-III is used to check the natural gas metering result of flow totalizer, dual elbows differential pressure gauge as the technical supervision authorities’ patrol supervision on gas distribution stations. The entire set consists of Guoguang flow computer, thermometer, hygrometer, SGQ flowmeter, and dual platinum resistors, working with the laptop.

Function & Tech Spec:
Instrument signal input value rectification (the instrument signal error will be rectified once it’s inputted into the metrological supervision system.

Each set of flowmeter can use up to 3 pressure difference instruments with varied ranges, and the software controls the switching between the instruments based on pressure difference.

Dual platinum resistors respectively take the temperature values at the same point, facilitating the comparison.

The transducer support can be easily assembled or disassembled, and the specially manufactured cable reel enables the convenient cable wiring and signal connecting in the field.

The compact structure facilitate an easier assembly and transportation

Input channel: AI 8 points (4-20mA or 1-5V)

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